Unwrap the Queen in You This Year

Unwrap the Queen in You




Whether you’re a seasoned Masquerader or a newbie on the road,

Experience Nottinghill Carnival 2018 in Cocoa Luxe


PYS Carnival in collaboration with island Mas presents:
Cocoa Luxe for Nottinghill Carnival 2018.

Our selection is influenced by the richest shades of chocolate
draped in gold and adorned in jewels.

This will be no ordinary fashion show,

come and indulge in chocolate like you have never done before and be a part of the official launch of Cocoa Luxe.


Launching Date:
20th April 2018
Showcase at 1am

Join PYS Carnival at:
The Royal Lounge,
397 High Rd,





Join in the conversation:

Author: pyscarnival

As a teenager, Patricia spent her summer months as a volunteer producing carnival costumes and large-scale individual costumes that were displayed at Alexandra Palace for the then "Annual Carnival Splash". ​ In 2014 Patricia debuted her first section in the Genesis Carnival Company. With the theme “The Journey”, Patricia designed “Ranga” which was inspired by the vibrancy and movement of colours found in the Hindu festival of Holi/Phagwa and the elements of “Pretty Mas” found in the Caribbean Carnival. The section was a success, it sold out and that was the birth of PYS Carnival.

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